Release on the day
the Smurfs turned 50
Proving I am not afraid of
hard journalism.
Although I won't use my
name, incase I should be!

Included in this edition...COVER STORIES, back page stories and more!

Readers count to date 0, but add to this
Fish n Chip packets and Total Circulation
comes to

Award winning Journalism!

The Mind twister...
I've spent many a long night trying
to work this one out.
It's a smurf reading "Smurf weekly Magazine"
featuring a picture of himself reading
"smurf weekly magazine" ...etc etc

Feature Story
The Story of a Smurf collector

Smurfland Confidential
Special S-files that the FBI want covered up.
Shocking revelations, conspiracies and gossip.
We have it all right here!

Today in History:
A chronological timeline according to Smurf.

Travel Section:
Around the World with the Smurfs

TV Page:
TV Guide. The first part people turn to.

Events Section:
Smurfs Social Calendar.
Smurf Xmas party, Easter party, Halloween party..
you get the idea.

Odd Spot section:
Crazy happenings in the land of the magic mushroom

Community section:
Whats on.. featuring live entertainment and community groups

Job Section:
Situations Vacant

Needing more Smurf in your life?
Personals adds for Smurfs lovers seeking other Smurf lovers...

Whats hot at the movies:
All the E!News and Reviews in 3D cinematic Technicolour

Back Section:
All the sports and weather from all over..

Living in a Mushroom?
Tips on small scale home
renovations "Just don't do it!"

and all this on the aforementioned
trashy mag's website!!!
A coincidence? I think not!


Headlining in world events. You read it, heard it and experienced it here first!
Our motto ..."As it Happens, When it Happens, Hard news hits here first!"...
We know everything before it happens, as we are usually responsible.
With the finger on the pulse of all the issues, we know all the facts as they are happening,
and if we don't then we just make them up.

We cross live to our reporter in the field....

Smurfs in the news

.....Any similarities between smurfs and people living or dead are pure coincidence.. but still rather amusing.

Author: mailto:thefunkychicken007@hotmail.com