TV Guide

Tonights Viewing (on all channels)

(4pm): Smurfy days. (Rerun)
(5pm): The young and the Smurfless.
(6pm): Batman and Robin The capped crusader has another exciting episode. Despite working out how to work all his fancy gadgets, he still hasn't the aptitude to put away the same old bad guys. Nothing like being conspicuous when you don't want to attract attention aka being a hero or villian.
(7pm): Magnum P.I. A smurf battles crime with only a wardrobe of Hawaiian shirts and a big smile under a rampant moustache. These handicaps are lessened by the late filming budget increase which resulted in a fast car and a chest hair transplant.
(7:30pm): Fawlty Towers Tonight Manuel gets a slap around the head by Basil Fawlty. I can't wait!
(8pm): Xena warrior smurfette Smurfette suffered serious budget cuts to her wardrobe to fight evil. Apparently this episode features a plot. Just as long as it doesn't spoil our nights viewing.
(9pm): Wonder Woman Again smurfette had similar cutbacks to both wardrobe and plot. Oh Boo Hoo. Nevermind, keep em coming.
(10pm): Star Trek More classic reruns. In this episode Spock encounters what looks like a button dangled on some string. If you squint, you may just be fooled into thinking its a space ship.
(11pm): Late Night Bogart Black and white classics which is good as you can't see the bloodshot eyes from all that smoking and drinking they did during shooting.