The History Timeline according to Smurf

(3200BC) EGYPT: The earliest records indicate a fanatical cult of Smurf existed in Ancient Egypt
(400BC) GREECE: Later at around the Aegean sea we have evidence of their influence in regional politics. Of particular note was against the Trojans with Ancient Greece and the Battle of Troy.
(60BC) ROME: Then in Ancient Rome they infiltrated both the senate and the army.
(790AD) VIKING: During the dark ages they migrated north and infested the crinkly bits of the Norwegian coast. Thus they became a big unmentioned part of Norse Mythology.
(800AD) JAPAN: In Japan, some choose a life of piece and happiness (obviously secret society of smurf collectors) whilst others followed the ways of the Ninjas.
(1300AD) MEDIEVAL EUROPE: They had moved back into Europe and played a small part in the Medieval Feudal Society.
(1670AD) EUROPE: When times were tough even the Smurfs had to take on extreme measures to survive. It was said that Dick Turpin mimicked the Smurfs when he became a Highwayman.
(1770AD) THE PACIFIC SOMEWHERE: Whilst out exploring and discovering new lands in the Pacific Captain Cook discovered the land of the Swoof before Astrosmurf did.
(1800AD) FRANCE: Even the French emperor Napoleon was said to know the ways of the Smurf.
(1800AD) ENGLAND: Meanwhile over the English channel, the English too had their own smurfy influence in Lord Nelson.
(1800AD) AMERICA: In America we saw Davy Crockett join the Mexicans in the Alamo.
(1860AD) AMERICA: Then later in the 1860s the Northern states, called Yankees for want of a more embarrassing name, fort the Southern States in a civil war.
(1890AD) SOUTH AFRICA: In Africa, the English Imperials fort the Zulus and the Boers in separate conflicts.