Odd Spot Section:

This is how you know if your baby scan is normal.

Simply compare it to the catalogue
image of "normal smurf" 20002.
"Gold" 20005 and "Brainy" 20006
are also acceptable alternatives!

Hunting Trophy
This is what happens when you strangle a smurf!

A rare early image of Smurfette before Papa Smurf's extreme makeover

and another image.. okay maybe the first one wasn't so rare after all !!!

The Toothfairy is a scary creature.
It stalks young smurfs when they are asleep
at night and removes their teeth.

Unfortunately due to the poor light,
accidents do happen and Nanny Smurfette
has reported her false choppers are also missing.

The Smurfs Apprentice.
When good magic goes bad.
Smurf in a Monkey suit.