Community Section: Live shows and Entertainment

For a limited time only, see Smurfettes rendition of LITTLE BO PEEP. Great family entertainment for the both Smurfs and Smurflings alike. Ready for a cultural experience? The Smurf Shakespeare theatre company presents THE GREAT SHAKESPEARE POLKA MEDLEY. Not to be missed. For a limited time at the great mushroom hall. Tickets at the gate.

Come and learn to dance modern jive. Live band featuring Harmony smurf and anyone else he could get at the time.

ANNOUNCING FOR A RECORD THIRD SHOWING Hefty smurf stars in the shocking tragedy Priscilla Queen of the Desert. It started as a comedy, but its steadily got worse hence its new classification. By special arrangement we have secured a repeat performance of the smurfs version of Robin Hood Smurfs in tights If you missed the other sold out performance, the organisers have doubled the seating capacity.

Although if you intend travelling by bus, just be warned the bus shelter has had recent vandalism and the seats are now missing.

From the director that brought you the opera "Tarzan", the musical "Tarzan II", the pantomime "Tarzan III" and the rap version "Son of Tarzan", comes his latest effort. Son of Tarzan II.
This time with a 3D Technicolour fleuro laser light show and done to a reggae beat.
Still touring the world after all these years. 70s Glam rock band Kiss are playing at the blue note retirement village. Any noise complains just turn down the hearing aids.

1920-40s in downtown Chicago with the swing smurfs. Dress up and have the black and blue minstrels play all your favourite old songs at over 200 beats per minute.

For one night only. Its the one and only Elvis. Back from an extended tour of the galaxy and shopping malls and better than ever.
The Great Puppeteer is in town for a limited time. Fun for all the smurfs. Reviewers have made special note of this one. I think they were good notes. Just mention such songs as "YMCA" and "in the Navy" and the first band that comes to mind is The Village People. Yep you guessed it. All the other has-been performers are in town this week, so why not them too! Line Dancing every first Tuesday, on every second month.
When the moon is high and your partners' a schlumpf.
So make a note for next months social. Turning your calendar and mark it down, dosey doe.
Just a reminder that the Amish Community are bringing their buggies full of quilts and holding a market day, this Thursday. Go along to point and laugh. Be there and be square. View the Mona Lisa at Artist Smurf's big art exhibition.
Don't miss this Cultural event of a lifetime. Be in quick as tickets are selling fast.

The Astronomical Society are holding a beginners guide to the nights sky this Friday. Thats assuming a fine, cloudless night with minimal moonlight, otherwise its another indoor telescope polishing class.

Don't miss Mozart Smurf's rendition of the Smurf theme music.
More details on booking this extraordinary event here.