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Rugby The 2003 Rugby Smurf world cup.
American Football American Football.
Baseball The Smurf Baseball Super League.
Beach Volleyball Beach VolleyBall.
Soccer Is this the FIFA World Cup's smallest team.
Basketball The big Basketball setup.
Boxing Ring side with the Boxing champ.
Equestrian Equestrian teams rides for Gold.
Golf On tour with the Golfing masters.
Ice Hockey Ice Hockey.
Tennis The Grand Smurfland Tennis Open.
Field Hockey Field Hockey.
Darts A game usually played in pubs when they are not talking about Rugby.


The Weather smurfing machine is broken for now, but is due to be fixed soon.... stay tuned.
In the mean time Brainy Smurf has this to say....

"The forecast for today is you will experience weather wherever you are.
This is as we predict so don't complain. You have been warned!"