Like a scene from "High Fidelity".

Whats hot in the charts?

Top five Smurfs Records a Collector must own.

Number #1 "The Smurfs go Pop" can't beat the original.
Number #2 "The Best of the smurfs" .. all their best material.
Number #3 "The smurfs sing song"... for the true hard core fans only!
Number #4 would have to be "The smurfs all star show"... live album none of that over produced studio stuff, this is raw man.
Number #5 all time great smurf albums the list of all time great smurf albums..
er I forgot its name now, but its the one where Harmony left the band to follow a solo career.. ya know.

I hope you have all these albums! and it must be vinyl, not that cheap plastic compact discs you get in the shopping malls.