Given the publicity surrounding the announcement of the latest smurf trilogy that is due to feature in movie theatres starting in 2008,
we have checked up on the stars of the movie to see what other productions they have been involved in.
This is whats hot in the movies....

James Bond 007
Our hero Smurf (played by Smurf) has to rescue someone or something.
Heck I can't remember they are all the same to me.
It's just a basic story of good guys, bad guys and smurfs.
Three mushrooms out of five
And in a sequel again our hero Smurf (played by Smurf) has to do something or save someone again.
If you missed the original nows your chance to miss the sequel.
Three mushrooms out of five

Jurassic park IV
When dinosaur DNA is mixed with smurf DNA the resulting creatures sing badly and tend to scare no one.
Still Four mushrooms out of five as they have fewer spelling mistakes in the credits.

Lord of the Rings
Filmed in New Zealand this movie gained the Smurfs lots of awards cast in funny humanoid non-smurf shapes.
Five mushrooms out of five and a big thank you to all the folks living in New Zealand for hosting all the smurfs.

The Chronicles of Narnia
A cast of many smurfs and even more bright green pants than anyone would care to wash.
This movie has it all.... and so much more besides.
A cast including talking small furry animals, smurfs that think they are small furry animals and animals that wished they wouldn't.
Five mushrooms out of five for teaching animals to talk.

The Two Musketeers
Due to budget cuts the smurfs could only get two Musketeers,
but never mind they still killed enough bad guys to make up for a whole army.
Two and a half mushrooms out of five.

A movie about a Scottish smurf. A rare time when a smurf is not seen in white pants.
Three and a half mushrooms out of five.

The Woman is Blue
A B-Grade remake of the "woman in red" which in itself was a B-grade movie.
If you do suffer the misfortune of watching it your body will seize up and rigormortis will set in.
It is hard to believe they made movies like this in the 1980s when perfectly good smurf episodes were screening on TV.
Two withered mushrooms out of five.

Star Wars
This sci-fi space adventure had three films written in the space of six years, only in a twist they released the same ones
again 20 years later and then followed up with three more films that came before the old ones.
Confused.. Just wait till you get the family lineage mapped out. Its a genealogists nightmare!
The universe is too small, like an interstellar redneckville, where you keep bumping into your relatives in deep space.
If you watch this in a theatre chances are you suspect you may or may not be related to the person sitting next to you!
Four mushrooms out of five.

Terminator two
A sci-fi classic where Smurf learned to ride a big motor bike and practiced his Austrian accent
(actually sounded more Australian) in a deeper than normal voice.
Four and a half mushrooms out of five.

Oceans Eleven
I heist, daylight robbery... you too will feel ripped off by this cheesy remake.
You will be left wondering why you paid good money to see this movie, and then you remember..
Its full of eleven different smurfs and smurfette (like a big juicy KFC but only sweeter).
You would be left star struck and just like a KFC, you'll be wanting more.
The clever little blighters had me watching it five times in a row and used up all my money on popcorn.
Its not until then that you realize the smurfs actually own the theatre, the rights to the movie and they get a cut on the popcorn too!
Just kidding, actually this one isn't too bad. But after all those sittings I experienced serious digestive issues.
Four and a third mushrooms out of five. (ps sneak your own food into the theatre if you can).

Treasure Island
This classic features Blackbeard the Pirate in a swashbuckling adventure with old ships and buried treasure.
Plenty of sabre rattling, bad food and walking the plank, and that was just the production team!
Three and a half mushrooms out of five.

Planet of the Apes
"Oh you maniacs, you blew it up!" Lets hope next time they say that about the set.
Our PVC friends wear rubber masks for the duration of this movie, with little evidence it wasn't their original skin.
Their eyes and lips seem to move as they normally do.. or don't for that matter.
But the smurfs did enjoy dressing and acting like monkeys.
Four mushrooms out of five.

If you came looking for a story line then you came to the wrong theatre.
This is an advert for leg warmers and blue toned physical perfection.
This is why Smurfette plays all the leading rolls, which is a real credit to her acting ability.
Although oddly enough she doesn't have many lines to remember.
Ten out of.. er I mean Three mesmerizing magical mushrooms out of five.

Top Gun
Papa Smurf plays the lead and breaks out his singing voice. Apart from the singing and mushy bits there is lots of
cool planes, bikes, leather jackets and macho stuff for us macho smurfs.
A modern version of "those magnificent smurfs in their flying machines" only not so magnificent.
Three and a half mushrooms out of five.