Alien Verses Smurf
Basically the aliens want to eat something or someone for some reason.. and the smurfs don't want it to be them.
Just a suggestion to the writers.. why don't they just feed them like pets and just show them love?
Action, gore, violence, great family viewing.
Five mushrooms out of five

Hunt for the red october
The smurfs infest a big unnaturally coloured submarine and take it for a joy ride. (It's nothing to do with the beatles!!)
Suspense, action, and bad galley food means that both Greedy and Grouchy didn't enjoy it.
but in an attempt to not get RSI writing three again I will give it Four and a half mushrooms out of five.

Raiders of the lost Ark
An Epic adventure where Smurf had to master a whip, a gun and a big floppy hat.
Three and a half mushrooms out of five.

Larra Croft - Tomb Raider
Rare footage from the movie
In a rare and extreme show of commitment to acting Smurfette died her hair brown for this roll.
Never the less she did break into song once or twice too often in the nail biting exploration scenes.
A note to the script writers, next time don't give Smurfette a gun.. maybe supply them to the audience instead!
Four mushrooms out of five.

Dirty Dancing
Smurfette throws herself into the role of this movie about cleaning and dancing (two things females are good at).
On the poster Patrick Swayzey is seen inspecting the floor where she has just cleaned.
Unfortunately all this cleaning has the affect of making the floor slippery and moments after this
publicity shot was taken he slipped and fell, breaking many bones. (Good thing nursing is womens work too!)
Three mushrooms out of five.

Harry Potter and the Smurfs apprentice
A story about a young Smurf wizard learning his craft. Great visual effects.
The story borrows heavily from the classic smurf story "the smurfs apprentice" but was written under the influence of real magic mushrooms.
Four mushrooms out of five for such dedication!

A terrifying horror movie that scared the whits out of the cast and crew as they made it.
Lots of strange and creepy events occurred during the filming of this movie.
When casting happened no one realized that the ghosts were actually afraid of smurfs.
Worse still, the music was terrifying and will stick in your head, haunting you long after the movie has ended.
Three and a half mushrooms out of five.

Rebel without a cause
This is a movie with such cult following, where Smurf plays the part of a moody smurf.
Apparently a performance inspired by Grouchy Smurf (although Grouchy doesn't actually like this omarge to himself).
Three mushrooms out of five.

Scream IV
Scream is what you will be doing when you realise the time you waisted watching this movie.
In the end the lifeless performance by all the victims was the highlight.
Two mushrooms out of five.

Mr & Mrs Smurf
A family drama where they share the same interests and hobbies like shooting people.
Such shared hobbies can bring a family together and add spice to an otherwise dull marriage.
It is so good to see they find something in common after they get married.
It's just a good thing that in real life smurfs don't get married!
Three and a half mushrooms out of five for the wardrobe.

Classic swashbuckling adventure where a masked hero wins the heart of Smurfette. Only in the movies!
Three mushrooms out of five.

Big budget spectacular, the smurfs sank five ships and seven icebergs in one scene alone. Which just goes to prove
that given enough shots at it, on average, the ship would have been mostly unsinkable, they just gave up too easily.
Slowly drifting down to Three mushrooms out of five. Oh come on don't cry, its not that bad!