Behind the scenes in the making of King Kong.

Here we see the expert crew at work...

...apparently someone knows someone at Weta,
but somehow I can't verify that!

"Take me to your leader..."

In the end, the cast hold the movie together... and make a five star classic!

and now on with the reviews...

Heart pounding action as the smurfs customise three peddle cars and navigate a 200 meter length of urban side roads.
This elaborate plan to heist lots of gold had but two flaws that were mercilessly picked on by critics like me.
Firstly, they couldn't reach the door handle on the unlocked safe and
Secondly, they couldn't lift the gold and there is no boot on the peddle car.
The Smurfs steal away with four well earned mushrooms out of fives. If only they could carry the fifth, they may have got away with that too!

The Smurfs and the Cup of Pure Awesome
No expense was spared (I mean made) on this zero budget extravaganza and it is almost worth every cent (sorry no refunds).
A little bit Brady bunch, a little bit Zombie slasher movie all mixed in with some swashbuckling adventure as they explore the lost city of the Gnomes.
Its got a little bit of everything for everybody, all packed in to 2 minutes 10 seconds.

This classic has it all - magic carpets, a Genie in a lamp, even a Turban wearing smurf with a Goatee.
The one thing it did lack was the audience who all left after the opening adverts
Two mushrooms out of five as the adverts were the highlight.

Austin Powers
Smutty one liners and suggestive innuendo as a throwback from the sixties exists in present day.
The female production staff complained about this director but we think it may have influenced the acting as well.
Two and a half mushrooms out of five.

The People Under the Stairs
A heart warming family drama about when the smurfs had to endure a winter cold snap and hid inside some humans house.
Typically the hysterical humans over reacted and spoiled the wholesome nature of the movie.
Three mushrooms out of five.

Strap on a jet pack and launch into oblivion. Thats my advice to the writer of this on screen tragedy.
But still, Smurfettes part lifted the movie for all the Smurfs.
Two mushrooms out of five.

A Smurfs Life
In an attempt to prove the Smurfs acting diversity, we see them turn their hand to children's entertainment.
With such talent, most of the acting is likely to be over the head and lost on such an audience.
Clearly a casting issue. Rated "R" for big scary insects.
Four mushrooms out of five.

Sherlock Holmes
A Classic 'who done it' set in London at the turn of last century. The Hound of the Basquivilles was actually played by a Scotch Terrier.
Three and a half mushrooms out of five.

Tequila Sunrise
The title says it all. If you wish to get the best from this film, then take a stiff drink in with you to the theatre.
You may enjoy it better with a skin full. It didn't work for me sober.
Two and a half mushrooms out of five.

The Time Machine
This classic story transfered to the big screen, makes you wish you could turn back time and just settle on the book.
Two and a half mushrooms out of five.

Sleepy Hollow
This film features a great performance by a pumpkin. Never has a Vegetable stolen the show before like this.
The headless horseschlumpf wasn't bad either. The Smurfs added some creative licence to this version by introducing
two Ghoulish friends for extra comedy (Frankensteins Smurf and Spooky Smurf)
Three mushrooms out of five.

Lake Flaccid
An unfortunate movie about swimming in cold water with scary creatures which was enough to kill the romance in all the adult scenes.
I could just stretch it to Three mushrooms out of five, but I'm told its the way you count them thats important... really!

Buffy meets Dracula
Teenage Smurfette relentlessly butches vampires just like her acting butches the film. Merciless
Two mushrooms out of five.